Many minds, one shared goal

Here at the Steinbock we don’t work together as a team, but as a family. With 17 independent, hard-working people who support and sustain each other, and share joy in everything they achieve together. Elisabeth, the owner and the first person you will meet, is in charge of everything at the Ansitz Steinbock while, in the kitchen, Tomek Kinder and his team conjure up the incredible culinary delights.



Mother of Victoria and Sebastian, devoted hostess and connoisseur of all things nice. The early years were hard when Elisabeth took over the Steinbock at the age of 20, but she knew in the depths of her being that this hotel is something special. Not just because of its history, but above all because of the people who visit the Stube and the suites. Her fine sense of beauty and sensitivity to the wishes of her guests have made the Steinbock what it is today: A place to live the good life.


Head chef

Having set out from his native Poland to master the art of cooking, Tomek has now settled down at the Ansitz Steinbok. During his itinerant years he worked, amongst others, with Norbert Niederkofler at the 3 Michelin star Restaurant Hubertus. He fosters his creativity on forays in the forest, and his cuisine thrives on contrasts. From local to international, his cuisine knows no confines - the array of ingredients is too big to allow that to happen. And as he says, “In order for the possible to appear, the impossible must be tried over and over again” When he’s not working Tomek relaxes by going out on his motorbike and listening to good music.



True to the motto “A job half done is as good as none,” the dependable Stube manager leaves no task unfinished. Although some of her workmates may find her to be a stickler for perfection, life never gets boring when she’s around. With unfailing constancy, she ensures that her guests - and their wine pairings - are well tended. She knows the Steinbock wine cellar like the back of her hand and always sees the bigger picture, even when she’s out hiking the Alpine pastures.


Chef de Rang

The work’s too hard, the day too long? Not for this young power woman. Giving up would never even cross her mind, and her teammates know it. When it comes to making sure that her guests are happy, she has no time to mince her words or hold her patience. And she puts every bit as much zeal into her hobbies. When Sophia climbs, she always goes a bit further than her comfort zone and driving a car is so much more than just a way of getting around – she loves it!


Head housekeeper

One final inspection of the suites. Are the sheets pulled tight, is everything in its place? Monika takes a conscientious approach to her work, has a slight tendency towards perfectionism and loves the variety of her job; this, no doubt, has something to do with her team workers, who she is always happy to help - even with hiking or cycling tips for the weekend, if they ask. “Tomorrow you will be your thoughts of today,” is her own personal motto.



She’s always the first one to wake the Steinbock up in the mornings. Breakfast fairy and long-term all-rounder, she makes sure that late risers wake up to the smell of coffee, eggs and freshly baked bread. Her easy-going, friendly, sociable nature plays its role too, and her colleagues always feel comfortable around her, impulsive and stubborn though she may be at times. To this, the self-assured Judith responds with brevity: “Don’t worry about what other people think of you.”