A manor, a hotel, a mainstay of village life
A hotel with a soul and a history

A castle-like building in the midst of rural idyll dating back to the 15th century. Timeless, and well deserving of a visit. Just like its Gothic arch, its projecting bay wing, cobbled inner courtyard, its fresco with the coat of arms of the Counts on the facade and its walled entrance. Carried out with immense sensitivity and appreciation of historical heritage, the Ansitz Steinbock renovations revealed parts of the building which had been covered over and hidden in the ’80s, and have liberated, resurrected and brought back the soul of the manor.

The main house remains unchanged from the outside, and opens up to an interior of Gothic parlours blended with streamlined design. History flirts with architecture, today with yesterday, local craftsmanship with contemporary ideals of beauty. The barn adjacent to the manor mirrors the same philosophy. From the stairwells to the suites, the bold minimalism highlights the details and textures, and imbues them with the power to shine through.

The greatness of simplicity

Original door fittings and handles. Solid spruce flooring, 100 years old. Loam-plastered walls, custom-designed smoked oak furnishings. Washbasins in Siusi basalt, and the sauna in local Swiss stone pine. Handwoven curtains from a local manufacturer and cast-iron radiators. Less is more. The “less” thrives on natural, locally sourced materials, while the “more” paints the bigger picture of pure simplicity, a new form of luxury. Of lifestyle. The art of living a good life, the way you want to.


The renovations have created 12 new suites. They are named for the Lords of Neuhaus and minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein, and in memory of the artists, travellers and places with close ties to the Ansitz Steinbock and with Villandro.


Elisabeth, Tomek, Sonja and another 14 members of staff. The fill the rooms and the spaces between them with life, laughter, heart and soul. They are the hosts who will make sure that your time spent here is pleasant. Or, if you prefer: friends in your home-from-home.